2019 Events and Itinerary

Selected public concerts, programs and workshops

Feb 1  Woodstock, IL
Groundhogology, Of Whistlepigs and World Politics (in the town where the movie,”Groundhog Day” was filmed)

Feb 6-10 O’Brien, FL
Florida Earthskills Gathering, woodslore, stories, baskets, music & much more

March 9-10 Asheville, NC
25th Annual Organic Grower’s School Spring Conference –over 150 classes offered, including Elliott’s program— given both days: Wild Tales—Strange but True Adventures in the Natural World

“Whether he’s singing about ginseng, pontificating on possums, talking turtle, telling wild snake tales, or wailing out a jivey harmonica tune, storyteller/naturalist, Doug Elliott, will take you on a multifaceted celebration of the human connection to the natural world.”

April 5-7 Silk Hope, NC
Piedmont Earthskills Gathering at Shakori Hills
Woodslore, herbs, stories, baskets, music & much more

April 11 Marion NC
Sail On, Honeybee—Adventures in the Bee Yard
McDowell County Senior Center Next to YMCA 100 Spaulding Rd, Marion, NC 28752  6:30 PM

April 15-21 Westminster, SC
Rivercane Rendezvous – Primitive Life Skills Workshops, Woodslore, herbs, stories, baskets, music & much more (I plan to be there for some of the event)

April 26-28 Hot Springs, NC
Wild Food Hike with Wild Abundance (I hope to be there the last night and day)

May 31-June 3 Black Mountain, NC
Medicines from the Earth/Gaia Herb Conference – Herb Seminars, Walks, and Discussions 541-482-3016

June 13-16 Mills River, NC
Firefly Gathering “for people seeking to deepen and expand their connection with the natural world…classes focusing on self-sufficiency and wilderness skills taught by over 40 masterful teachers… for
adults and children, evening entertainment, and on-site camping” at Deerfields Retreats

Aug 22 Landrum, SC
Wild Tales – Strange but True Adventures in the Natural World
Landrum Library, 111 Asbury Dr Landrum, SC 29356 @ 6:30 PM

Oct 5-7 Jonesborough, TN
National Storytelling Festival (hope to be there as a listener this year)