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Of Ginseng, Golden Apples, And the Rainbow Fish



SALE $10.00


Of Ginseng, Golden Apples, And the Rainbow Fish
Ancient Tales, Traditional Lore, Lively Tunes, and a Modern Mythic Adventure

  Doug Elliott visits Appalachian storyteller Ray Hicks, who is famous for his tales about the mythical folk hero Jack. Along with Jack’s exploits, Ray tells a few of his own hair-raising adventures, like when he was followed by a panther. He also recounts colorful folklore about the love life of ‘possums, bloodsucking owls, and tips for successful ‘seng hunting.

   Driving home with his head full of wild tales, Elliott embarks on a true modern-day mythic journey where he catches a trout by hand; harvests wild apples, ginseng, and mushrooms; ponders Greek myths, Biblical verses, and the fungal web of life; meets three strangers; and finds himself living out his own folktale.

You’ll hear a poem by William Butler Yeats, quotes from the Roman poet Ovid, and a risqué herbal ballad by the great botanist Jim Duke. You’ll find out what happens when Artemis (aka Diana) gets caught skinny dipping and when Atalanta loses a foot race, as well as what happens when Jack leaves home to sell a cow and comes back with a rock. In this live recording of a standing ovation performance at the National Storytelling Festival, Elliott is accompanied by guitarist Keith Ward and his son Todd Elliott on fiddle.

An Evening with Doug Elliott



SALE $15.00


An Evening with Doug Elliott
Stories, Songs, and Lore Celebrating the Natural World

Doug Elliott performs a lively concert of amazing tales, tunes, traditional lore, outrageous personal narratives, and fact stranger than fiction. He flavors it all with regional dialects, lively harmonica riffs, and more than a few belly laughs.  One moment he is singing about catfish, the next he’s extolling the virtues of dandelions, or bursting forth with crow calls. He also demonstrates basketry traditions, ponders the “nature” in human nature, tells wild snake tales, wails out soulful harmonica riffs and  jams and jives with his fiddler son, Todd Elliott.

Swarm Tree

160 pages
Softcover Book



Swarm Tree: Of Honeybees, Honeymoons, and the Tree of Life

Following tracks, messing with bees, chasing butterflies, stalking deer, tickling trout, and picking up pawpaws—and hitchhikers. This lively collection by celebrated storyteller Doug Elliott will delight readers with its blend of natural history and heartfelt, hilarious takes on life. Whether tracking skunks, philosophizing over dung beetles, negotiating with the police, or reading divine script on the back of a trout, Elliott brings a sense of wonder and humor to every story. His broad scientific and cultural knowledge of the Appalachians and beyond is a treasure. Join him on this down to earth spiritual journey as he probes creation, asks the deeper questions, and reveals fascinating details of the great narrative of life that connect us all. Dive deeply into the richness of the natural world; climb high into the tree of life, and return--with amazing tales, humorous insights, and surprising truths that explore and illuminate, and celebrate the confluence of nature, humanity and spirit.

Todd Elliott

Pre Order
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Preorder: Mushrooms of the Southeast by Todd Elliott

We are excited to announce that we're offering pre-orders for Todd Elliott's forthcoming field guide, Mushrooms of the Southeast. If you order now from the author (for $27.95), you can directly support Todd (instead of Amazon) and get the book in January or early February of 2018...just in time for the 2018 mushroom season! This guide features Todd's award-winning photography, easy-to-use descriptions, discussions of more than 1,000 fungal species, and fully described illustrations of over 300 mushrooms. The geographic focus is from the mountains of West Virginia, south to Florida, and west to eastern Texas. This compact book covers a wide range of the region's most common mushrooms, a variety of rare and unusual species, and some of the best edibles and most toxic fungi in the Southeast. Also included are previously unreported ethnomycology facts, notes on medicinal species, basics of fungal toxins, and much more!

If you want to read more about Todd, visit his website: www.toddelliott.weebly.com.
To see his photography, follow him on Instagram.
To keep up with his science publications, visit his ResearchGate.

Wildwoods Wisdom

196 pages
Hardcover Book


Wildwoods Wisdom, Encounters with the Natural World

With the easy voice of a country storyteller, Elliott draws on his own adventures – hitchhiking across the country, sketching in the Rocky Mountains, capturing snakes, tracking animals, hunting the mystical, medicinal ginseng plant and searching out the wisdom of country folk and native peoples – to show how the natural world provides us not only with food, clothing and shelter but also the spiritual truths that can enrich and transform our lives.

In these pages you'll view nature through the eyes of many people from different walks of life, some who embody ancient wisdom, others with scientific knowledge, and still others who have been touched deeply by an encounter with the natural world. You'll hang out with Native Americans, Appalachian mountain men and biologists. And you'll hear stories of Pentecostal snake handlers, hoodoo root doctors, possum breeders, and even a New York stockbroker to name a few. Join "Ranger" Doug as he stalks old time apples, hoots with owls, sips nectar from tulip tree blossoms, disciplines coons, stalks groundhogs and befriends possums. Watch as he reveals beauty in unexpected places – like the fleshy bald head of a buzzard or the graceful dancing ladies on a turtle's shell – and Truth in the depths of a beehive. Listen as he recounts Beaver Legends and Coyote Tales, The Night of the Living Skunk, The Serpent and the Egg and much more. Beautifully illustrated with over 100 drawings by the author, Wildwoods Wisdom is a journey of awakening, of being at home in a world we may not often see, but to which we are forever joined.

Woods Lore

76 pages
Softcover Book


Woodslore: Stories, Lore, and Truth Stranger Than Fiction About the Natural World

"This book is a savory stew of the knowledge Doug Elliott has accumulated during a decade of woods-stomping, jungle-jumping and tidepool-splashing throughout eastern Turtle Island and Central America. Woodslore is actually a compendium of Elliott's greatest hits, as much as the material has been published before. But although you may have seen the classic "How to use Road Kills" in the Whole Earth Catalog of years past, and unless you are a regular reader of Wildlife in North Carolina magazine, much or all of the material in this Ranger Doug reader will be new and fascinating.

It's best of course to meet and know Doug and to walk in the woods with him, getting the benefit of his knowledge of the wild, his hilarious stories, his infectious laugh, and the twinkle in his eye. But as an introduction to Doug and what he knows, Woodslore will do just fine. He covers a variety of topics from his beloved possums through old-timey apples and the infamous ramp plant of the Katuah hills. He tells us how to make rope and baskets from natural materials found in the wild, and he talks about herbs, orchids, bears, ginseng, and millipedes and there's more...There's little rhyme or reason to this book. Its topics are as varied and as far flung as Elliott's wandering mind. But Doug has a unique and deep perspective on the world, and seeing it through his eyes is always educational and fun. This book is wonderful collection of some of the high points of Elliott's literary career, full of woods sense, common sense and good humor." --David Wheeler, Katuah Journal

Wild Roots

128 pages
Softcover Book



Wild Roots: A Forager's Guide to the Wild Edible and Medicinal Roots, Tubers, Corms, & Rhizomes

A Forager's Guide to the Wild Edible and Medicinal Roots, Tubers, Corms, & Rhizomes...has been around for more than 25 years and is considered an "underground" classic. In 1995 it was given a new cover and re-released by Healing Arts Press. Wild Roots offers all nature lovers rare discovery; the chance to look at and learn about the mysterious "other half" of the plant world which lies just beneath our feet. More than75 plants are covered. You'll learn about roots, rhizomes, corms and tubers — those that are deliciously edible, and others that you can use to make medicines, shampoo, soap, toothpowder and vegetable dyes Рand about a few that are deadly. You'll read what famous historical figures such as Capt. John Smith, Peter Kalm, and even Plato had to say about various roots. And you will probably chuckle at certain root foraging anecdotes of the author. For many years Elliott was a fulltime root and herb gatherer, and in this book he opens the earth with considerable experience and exacting botanical knowledge. His extraordinary drawings alone provide an incomparable underground adventure.

Crawdads, Doodlebugs & Creasy Greens

64 pages
Softcover Book


Crawdads, Doodlebugs and Creasy Greens
Songs, Stories, and Lore Celebrating the Natural World

Discover how to catch crawdads, puree pawpaws, gobble greenbriers, noodle catfish, tickle trout, cook squirrel brains, twist a critter out of its hole and predict the weather with a persimmon seed. Learn how to greet a doodlebug and which rabbit's foot is actually the lucky one. Hear tales about Queen Elizabeth when she was courted by a frog, Copper John Higgins when he swallowed a lizard, and Davy Crockett when he tried to grin a squirrel out of a tree.


You may buy the book and the recording separately but they are made as a set. The 64-page book features two dozen songs, more than 90 original illustrations and a plethora of stories and lore. On the recording (CD) Elliott plays harmonica and sings 10 of the songs from the book and tells stories, including two historical tales, two Native American legends, a mess of traditional bird and animal lore as well as a few handy wild plant foraging tips. He is accompanied by guitar, fiddle, banjo and bass.

Crawdads, Doodlebugs & Creasy Greens


59 minutes



Crawdads, Doodlebugs and Creasy Greens
Songs, Stories, and Lore Celebrating the Natural World

(American Library Association Notable Recording Award)

Featured on the recording:

Ain't No Bugs On Me • Mosquito Story • Doodlebugs • Yellowhammers and Domineckers • Catfish Song, Cajuns and Crawfish • Crawdad Hole • Green Rocky Road • Strawberries • Queen Elizabeth and the Frog • Froggie Went a Courting • Creasy Greens • Root Blues • Left Hind Leg of a Rabbit

Raccoon and Possum


62 minutes


Raccoon and a Possum - Stories And Songs 'Specially For Young Folks

The stories on this recording are especially for young folks ages 4 to 10. You'll hear a true story, an Indian legend, a jived up Aesop's fable, a late night adventure in the woods, along with some lively harmonica tunes and some mighty strange animal noises. Included with the recording is an interpretive fold-out with drawings, activities and more information about these tales.

Featured on this CD are:
The Jive Three Bears • The Story of Aspirin • Possum • Turtle and the Wolves • The Fox and the Crow • Uncle Rueben Run a Coon • I Had a Dog, His Name Was Blue

Bullfrogs on Your Mind


68 minutes


Bullfrogs on your Mind: Stories, Songs & Adventures from the Swamps to the Hen House

You'll have more than bullfrogs on the brain by the time you're through listening to this lively collection of stories and songs. You'll get in on a frog-hunting adventure deep in a southern swamp, you'll hear a watery creation myth and you'll find out what happens when two young fellows sneak up to a chicken roost on the night before Mother's Day. You'll learn about a 6-foot friend of Elliott's. This 6-footer is covered with scales and eats mice, rats and a few other surprising things. Elliott wails away on his trusty harmonica, playing and singing a variety of old time, folk, rock, swing and blues tunes. (There's even one rap song, and also tunes by Uncle Dave Macon and Tony Joe White.) He is accompanied by banjo, guitar, fiddle, trombones, bass, buckets, bells, bottles, cans, drums and rattlesnake rattles, as well as dozens of animal sounds, including bird songs, gator roars, owl hoots and frog choruses.

Featured on this CD:
Bullfrogs on Your Mind • Guardians of the Water • Roosevelt and Ira Lee • Bake That Chicken Pie • Who Broke the Lock • Mole in the Ground • Bulldog on the Bank • Muskrat Oh Muskrat • Rattlesnaking Papa • The Snake and the Egg • Scat Rap

Bound for Carolina


63 minutes


SALE $10.00


Bound for Carolina: A Musical Journey Celebrating the Plants, Animals and People of the Southeast

An All Music Recording

From Oh Susanna to Old Joe Clark, from the crawdad hole to the railroad yard, harmonica wizard, naturalist and storyteller Doug Elliott wails on his harp and sings a collection of blues, contemporary, traditional, and old-time songs celebrating country life, the natural world, and especially the people, the plants, the critters, and the rich environment and culture of southeastern North America. Elliott is accompanied by fiddles, guitars, banjos, mandolins, bass, drums, buckets, bottles, rattlesnake rattles, frog croaks and even a few blue yodels. This all-music recording features seven newly recorded songs as well as 14 favorites from previous albums. Special guests on this project include, Phil and Gay Johnson, Billy Jonas, Wayne Erbsen, and Todd Elliott.

Featured tunes:
Oh Susanna • Froggie Went a' Courting • Big Black Snake • Rattlesnaking Papa • Old Joe Clark • Strawberry Picking • Dandelions • Creasy Greens • Root Blues • Crawdad Hole • Mole in the Ground • Bullfrogs on Your Mind • Bulldog on the Bank • Cluck O' Hen • Who Broke the Lock • Ain't No Bugs on Me • Sail On Honeybee • Bile them Cabbage • Left Hind Leg of a Rabbit • West Virginia • All Around the Water Tank



55 minutes


Groundhog-ology (and Marmotabilia), Of Whistlepigs and World Politics

It all starts in Elliott's mountain-side cabin with a gift from an old groundhog hunter. From there we go on a rollicking and revealing journey, not only through the natural world, but also into folklore, history, mythology, philosophy and into the lives of people of different cultures, past and present.

You'll hear how groundhogs have been a source of food, clothing, medicine and music for generations of Appalachian folks.

You'll learn the mystical aspects of groundhogs -- how they are woven into Native American and European mythology.

You will find out the real story of Groundhog Day,

You'll get clues to the great riddle: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

You will learn how groundhogs can teach us about ourselves and even give us perspectives on society, and world politics, today!

This CD is flavored with traditional songs, regional dialects, lively harmonica riffs, and more than a few belly laughs... and wood chuckles.

Sail on Honeybee


46 minutes



Sail on Honeybee: Adventures in the Bee Yard

Master storyteller, harmonica wizard, and long-time beekeeper, Doug Elliott, tells outlandish tales from the world of bees and beekeeping.

You'll get practical advice about how to treat a bee sting and how to catch a bee swarm – also what to do if you are high up in a tree and fifty thousand bees fall on your head!

You'll find out what can happen when a swarm of bees invades a biker bar.

You'll marvel at the astonishing, sexy details of the queen's nuptial flight and lament the sad fate of those hapless, helpless drones.

You'll hear learned commentary from beekeeping pioneer, Karl Von Frisch, and from naturalist, philosopher, John Burroughs, as well as lively fiddle licks, rollicking harmonica riffs, rocking blues and soulful songs by Loudon Wainright III, bluesman Muddy Waters, and even a touch of Ray Charles.

You'll find out that bees and humans have a great deal in common and that bees can teach us about ourselves and give us perspectives on politics and human society today.

Content warning: Parents, this recording contains a vivid, but discretely worded description of the mating of the queen bee. (The strongest word used is "horny".)

Everybody's Fishin'

Double CD

98 minutes


Everybody's Fishin'A Cross-Cultural Fishing Extravaganza

Sunfish, herring, mudfish, trout, Grab that catfish by the snout!

Join fisherman, storyteller and harmonica champ Doug Elliott, on a cross-cultural fishing extravaganza – a celebration of fish, fisherpersons and other wet, wonderful, watery critters. Journey from the frigid North Atlantic to the sunny Caribbean – from tumbling mountain streams to bayous, cypress swamps, and jungle rivers. You'll hear fantastic fish lore, lively tunes, piscatorial poems, some mighty fishy philosophical probing and true stories of fishing adventures with people of different cultures and nationalities.

Hear about a battle with a sea serpent and about catching fish with all kinds of bait, from dry flies, lures, spinners and spoons to wooly boogers, rubber worms, zoom lizards, pork rinds and even green tomatoes; using cane poles, rods and reels, nets, weirs, purse seines, pistols and dynamite. Learn how to tickle a trout with your fingers and how to get a fine fresh fish dinner just by talking.

On this DOUBLE CD, Elliott flavors his tales with regional accents and he wails away on his trusty harmonica, playing and singing a half-dozen songs, accompanied by guitar, bass and percussion. Featured:

Catfish Song • Why do we fish? • Tale of Wandering Aengus - W.B.Yeats • Fishing Blues • Down East • Herring’s Head • The Night Charley Tended Weir • Ruth Moore • Trout Tickling and the Handwriting of God • Take Your Shoes Off Moses • Dynamite Fishing • Fish Bumming • Crawfish • Sashimi Sushi • Mexican Jungle Fish Tale • Bahamian Welk Encounter

Looking for America

Double CD

98 minutes


Looking for America: A 20th Century Hero's Journey

We are all heroes and we are all on a mythic journey. Come on. Let’s go! The open road is calling! Grab your pack. Stick out your thumb. Climb aboard and join in on this modern mythic adventure. Travel with master storyteller, Doug Elliott, on a journey of discovery. These true cross-country hitchhiking and freight hopping tales, delivered in his own outrageous storytelling style, explore not only this amazing nation, culture and era we are a part of, but also the universal Hero’s Journey we all embarked upon at birth. You’ll be transported from congested northern freeways to sunny southern swamps and from the bowels of throbbing factories and big-city railroad yards to vast deserts and the high Rocky Mountains. You’ll meet astounding characters and hear rousing narratives and music ranging from gospel to 60’s rock, country and contemporary songs, including tunes by Leon Russell, Hank Snow, Jimmy Rogers and Country Joe and the Fish. It’s all textured with regional dialects, lively harmonica riffs, guitar, fiddle and soulful yodels. You’ll return from this rollicking journey of discovery with new insights, unusual perspectives and more than a few belly laughs.

Elliott has done some traveling. As a young man, he hopped freight trains and hitchhiked across the continent from Maine to California and from Canada to Guatemala. For most of a decade he was an itinerant herbalist traveling around the country with a van full of herbs, teas and old time remedies, and for a short time he was a migratory beekeeper hauling a trailer full of honeybees between North Carolina and Florida.

These days he travels around the country performing, teaching and telling stories. He has been featured at the National Storytelling Festival, the American Museum of Natural History in NY, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and the Smithsonian Institution. He has trained rangers for the National Park Service and guided people on wilderness experiences from Down-east Maine to the Florida Everglades.


Baskets are Special Order
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Bark Baskets

Here is a picture of some of the styles of baskets I make and sell. They are usually made of tulip poplar bark and laced with strips of hickory bark, and they have an inner rim splint made from oak or ash. Counter-clockwise from the lower left :

Two backpacks (with nylon adjustable backpack straps) 19” high x 16” wide at the top, and 17‘’ x 13” wide - around $200

Flat bottomed hamper 14” high x 16” wide - $125

Larger gathering basket 13” tall x 10” - $75

Large berry basket 10” x 8” wide - $65
3 small berry baskets around 8” tall x 5” or 6” wide - $60

Sometimes I have a few smaller baskets and some without inner rims that are less expensive. There are many others in process. All the baskets are rugged, functional, and beautiful. Some are simply well-crafted baskets with average looking bark, while others are more like works of art with particularly beautiful bark, extra lacing, ornamentation, and knot holes in just the right place (like those two backpacks) and they’re priced accordingly.



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