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The History Channel, Road-kills, and the Hairy Bikers

The BBC called. They were filming a show for the History Channel called “The Hairy Bikers” ( about two long-haired, redneck-hippie biker “foodies” who are touring the country on their Harleys in search of regional cuisine. They wanted to stop in and visit. They had already been to a chili festival in the Southwest; hunted alligators, frogs, and nutria in Louisiana; toured a wheat farm in Kansas and a rice plantation in South Carolina. They were going to go mushroom hunting with Alan Muskat near Asheville and they wanted to stop by our place on the way. Did they want to tap my vast knowledge of edible wild plants, healing herbs, teas and remedies? Or sample the hundreds of varieties sweet potatoes, tomatoes, beans, and other unique vegetables that Yanna grows in the garden? Or taste the sumptuous tulip poplar and sourwood honey from our beehives? Nope! They wanted me to take them hunting road-kills! “Street meat,” they called it. They came early in the morning (the best time for hunting road-kills in summer) and they stayed all day. We had a great time and I must say we “scraped up” a pretty fine feast.
Check it out:
If you are inspired and want more info be sure to check my products page for the Woodslore book. It’s a homemade production from back in the old days when you really did cut and paste (with scissors and a glue stick) to lay out a book. There is an article entitled “Another Roadside Attraction –How to Use Road Kills” which gives you all the details (including a Gary Snyder poem on the subject.) This article first came out in the mid-1970’s in the Whole Earth Catalogue. It was probably the first article on the subject in a national publication. Also in the Woodslore book are articles on medicinal plants, possumology, old-time apples, basket making, bears, birds, and much more.
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