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The Mystery Reptile Eggs

Reptile Eggs! They were buried in the newly turned ground of Yanna’s sweet potato patch. They were egg-shaped, leathery, at least an inch long, and ten in number. We had seen black rat snake eggs before; they were almost cylindrical and usually deposited in mulch piles or tucked into piles of hay. These eggs were buried in the dirt. I thought they had to be snapping turtle eggs. We reburied them in soil in a tank on the porch and kept them moist.
Almost two months later you can imagine our surprise when a rowdy bunch of big-eyed, feisty little snakes with reddish-brown blotches emerged. These little rascals had attitude! Even though they were not as thick as a pencil, they were not afraid to defend themselves by wildly snapping at any perceived threat. They would even strike at each other. In fact when we were trying to hold several of them to photograph, they would grab hold of one another and had to be pried loose.
These were baby black racers, one of the region’s two kinds of black snakes. They won’t develop their black coloration for several years.
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  1. I want two of the DVDs. one for me and one for my grands please

    1. Trudi – they can be easily ordered from my website: Thank you!

  2. Thank you for saving the baby black rat snakes – one of my favorites. I will see you on September 24th in Greensboro at the Guilford County Master Gardener Gala. I am in charge of Logistics.

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