Bullfrogs on your Mind – Download Only


Stories, Songs & Adventures from the Swamps to the Hen House
68 minutes CD

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You’ll have more than bullfrogs on the brain by the time you’re through listening to this lively collection of stories and songs. You’ll get in on a frog-hunting adventure deep in a southern swamp, you’ll hear a watery creation myth and you’ll find out what happens when two young fellows sneak up to a chicken roost on the night before Mother’s Day. You’ll learn about a 6-foot friend of Elliott’s. This 6-footer is covered with scales and eats mice, rats and a few other surprising things. Elliott wails away on his trusty harmonica, playing and singing a variety of old time, folk, rock, swing and blues tunes. (There’s even one rap song, and also tunes by Uncle Dave Macon and Tony Joe White.) He is accompanied by banjo, guitar, fiddle, trombones, bass, buckets, bells, bottles, cans, drums and rattlesnake rattles, as well as dozens of animal sounds, including bird songs, gator roars, owl hoots and frog choruses.

Featured on this CD:
Bullfrogs on Your Mind • Guardians of the Water • Roosevelt and Ira Lee • Bake That Chicken Pie • Who Broke the Lock • Mole in the Ground • Bulldog on the Bank • Muskrat Oh Muskrat • Rattlesnaking Papa • The Snake and the Egg • Scat Rap