Everybody’s Fishin’ A Cross-Cultural Fishing Extravaganza – Download only

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Sunfish, herring, mudfish, trout, Grab that catfish by the snout!

Join fisherman, storyteller and harmonica champ Doug Elliott, on a cross-cultural fishing extravaganza – a celebration of fish, fisherpersons and other wet, wonderful, watery critters. Journey from the frigid North Atlantic to the sunny Caribbean – from tumbling mountain streams to bayous, cypress swamps, and jungle rivers. You’ll hear fantastic fish lore, lively tunes, piscatorial poems, some mighty fishy philosophical probing and true stories of fishing adventures with people of different cultures and nationalities.

Hear about a battle with a sea serpent and about catching fish with all kinds of bait, from dry flies, lures, spinners and spoons to wooly boogers, rubber worms, zoom lizards, pork rinds and even green tomatoes; using cane poles, rods and reels, nets, weirs, purse seines, pistols and dynamite. Learn how to tickle a trout with your fingers and how to get a fine fresh fish dinner just by talking.

On this DOUBLE CD, Elliott flavors his tales with regional accents and he wails away on his trusty harmonica, playing and singing a half-dozen songs, accompanied by guitar, bass and percussion. Featured:

Catfish Song • Why do we fish? • Tale of Wandering Aengus – W.B.Yeats • Fishing Blues • Down East • Herring’s Head • The Night Charley Tended Weir • Ruth Moore • Trout Tickling and the Handwriting of God • Take Your Shoes Off Moses • Dynamite Fishing • Fish Bumming • Crawfish • Sashimi Sushi • Mexican Jungle Fish Tale • Bahamian Welk Encounter