Groundhog-ology (and Marmotabilia), Of Whistlepigs and World Politics – Download Only


55 minutes CD

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It all starts in Elliott’s mountain-side cabin with a gift from an old groundhog hunter. From there we go on a rollicking and revealing journey, not only through the natural world, but also into folklore, history, mythology, philosophy and into the lives of people of different cultures, past and present.
You’ll hear how groundhogs have been a source of food, clothing, medicine and music for generations of Appalachian folks.
You’ll learn the mystical aspects of groundhogs — how they are woven into Native American and European mythology.
You will find out the real story of Groundhog Day,
You’ll get clues to the great riddle: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
You will learn how groundhogs can teach us about ourselves and even give us perspectives on society, and world politics, today!

This CD is flavored with traditional songs, regional dialects, lively harmonica riffs, and more than a few belly laughs… and wood chuckles.