Raccoon and a Possum – Stories And Songs ‘Specially For Young Folks – Download Only


62 minutes – Click here for digital download at Bandcamp. CDs out of stock.

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This recording is NOW ONLY available for sale as a digital download at Bandcamp.

The stories on this recording are especially for young folks ages 4 to 10. You’ll hear a true story, an Indian legend, a jived up Aesop’s fable, a late night adventure in the woods, along with some lively harmonica tunes and some mighty strange animal noises. Included with the recording is an interpretive fold-out with drawings, activities and more information about these tales.

Featured on this recording are:
The Jive Three Bears • The Story of Aspirin • Possum • Turtle and the Wolves • The Fox and the Crow • Uncle Rueben Run a Coon • I Had a Dog, His Name Was Blue

This CD is no longer available, please find this recording as a digital download at Bandcamp.