Sail on Honeybee: Adventures in the Bee Yard – Download only

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Master storyteller, harmonica wizard, and long-time beekeeper, Doug Elliott, tells outlandish tales from the world of bees and beekeeping.

You’ll get practical advice about how to treat a bee sting and how to catch a bee swarm – also what to do if you are high up in a tree and fifty thousand bees fall on your head!

You’ll find out what can happen when a swarm of bees invades a biker bar.

You’ll marvel at the astonishing, sexy details of the queen’s nuptial flight and lament the sad fate of those hapless, helpless drones.

You’ll hear learned commentary from beekeeping pioneer, Karl Von Frisch, and from naturalist, philosopher, John Burroughs, as well as lively fiddle licks, rollicking harmonica riffs, rocking blues and soulful songs by Loudon Wainright III, bluesman Muddy Waters, and even a touch of Ray Charles.

You’ll find out that bees and humans have a great deal in common and that bees can teach us about ourselves and give us perspectives on politics and human society today.

Content warning: Parents, this recording contains a vivid, but discretely worded description of the mating of the queen bee. (The strongest word used is “horny”.)