Woodslore: Stories, Lore, and Truth Stranger Than Fiction About the Natural World – Temporarily Out of Stock


76 page softcover book. Temporarily Out of Stock.

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Temporarily Out of Stock. “This book is a savory stew of the knowledge Doug Elliott has accumulated during a decade of woods-stomping, jungle-jumping and tidepool-splashing throughout eastern Turtle Island and Central America. Woodslore is actually a compendium of Elliott’s greatest hits, as much as the material has been published before. But although you may have seen the classic “How to use Road Kills” in the Whole Earth Catalog of years past, and unless you are a regular reader of Wildlife in North Carolina magazine, much or all of the material in this Ranger Doug reader will be new and fascinating.

It’s best of course to meet and know Doug and to walk in the woods with him, getting the benefit of his knowledge of the wild, his hilarious stories, his infectious laugh, and the twinkle in his eye. But as an introduction to Doug and what he knows, Woodslore will do just fine. He covers a variety of topics from his beloved possums through old-timey apples and the infamous ramp plant of the Katuah hills. He tells us how to make rope and baskets from natural materials found in the wild, and he talks about herbs, orchids, bears, ginseng, and millipedes and there’s more…There’s little rhyme or reason to this book. Its topics are as varied and as far flung as Elliott’s wandering mind. But Doug has a unique and deep perspective on the world, and seeing it through his eyes is always educational and fun. This book is wonderful collection of some of the high points of Elliott’s literary career, full of woods sense, common sense and good humor.” – David Wheeler, Katuah Journal