2024 Events and Itinerary

Selected public concerts, programs and workshops

April 17-21 ~ Westminster, SC
Rivercane Rendezvous – Primitive Life Skills Workshops
Woodslore, herbs, stories, baskets, music & much more. I hope to be there for the first few days of the  event.

April 19-21 ~  Reidsville, NC
NC Wild Food Weekend
Email the Organizer Carolyn Quinn, 910-442-8742

May 4 ~ Triplet, NC
Turtle Island, Families Learning Together,

May 17-19 ~ Black Mountain, NC
Medicines from the Earth Herb Conference
Herb Seminars, Walks, and Discussions

March 31 ~ Earthaven Ecovillage, Black Mountain, NC
Join us for dinner and an evening of storytelling with well-known naturalist and humorist Doug Elliott in the Earthaven Council Hall. Enjoy Doug’s Ginseng, Golden Apples, and the Rainbow Fish–True Stories and Lore, along with a few soulful harmonica tunes and more than a few belly laughs.                                   

July 17-20 ~ Burnsville, NC
Firefly Gathering “for people seeking to deepen and expand their connection with the natural world…classes focusing on self-sufficiency and wilderness skills taught by over 40 masterful teachers… for adults and children, evening entertainment, and on-site camping”

July 26-28 ~ Valle Crucis, NC
NC Wild Herb Weekend (I might be there)

September 11-15 ~ Bahama, NC
Piedmont Earthskills Gathering
Sharing knowledge, skills and traditions that empower people to become fully alive.

Oct 4-6 ~ Jonesborough, TN
National Storytelling Festival
I hope to be there as a listener this year.

October 15-20 ~ Westminster, SC
Falling Leaves Rendezvous
Woodslore, herbs, stories, baskets, music & much more. I hope to be there for some of the event.